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Full Electric Stacker

• Forging fork allows lift upto 3000mm.
•  Fork can working on very small ground clearance.
•  More big battery capacity.
•  1000kg capacity available.

Item No.
Rated CapacityQ(kg)1500
Load CenterC(mm)500mm
Fork Size (Height)H4(mm)80mm
Overall HeightH1(mm)1580/1830/2080/2280
Battery Box HeightH3(mm)840mm
Size of the driving v/heetmmφ252*88
Front Tiremmφ180*70
Front Wheelbasemm745mm
Overall LengthL2(mm)2700mm
Length of ForkL(mm)900mm
Width of ForkB3(mm)100mm
Outer Width of ForkB2(mm)200-620mm
Overall WidthB(mm)860mm
Max.Lifting HeightH(mm)1600/2000/2500/3000
Min Turning RadiusRa1900mm
Traveling Speed    (Laden/Unladen)km/h4.2/5.6
Lifting Speedmm/s80/100
Falling Speedmm/s150/120
Grade ability laden/unladen%6/10%
Lifting MotorKw2.2
Driving MotorKw1.2
Battery Voltage/CapaticyV/AH24/210
Battery Sizemm642*193*550
Controller AC control



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